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Aviación Rusa – Documental “Wings of Russia” [youtube]



Small light plane. It seems that it is not interesting and not important theme for a story. What to speak about? It hasn’t power of a bomber. It hasn’t swift lines and speed of a fighter. It hasn’t a solidity of an airliner. However, the way to all real aircrafts was beginning always from a small flying deck for every pilot. And if you ask any pilot, he will recall his first plane with timid awe… steady, obedient, forgiving even gross errors… Apparent simplicity of the creation of such small vehicle is deceptive. During more than centenary history of the aviation, there were thousands of competitors to solve this problem. But very few of them became really legendary aerial vehicles.

Following planes are featuring in this film: Kudashev-1, P-6bis, U-1, Po-2, AIR-1, AIR-2, AIR-3, BICH-7, LK-1, AIR-7, UT-1, UT-2, G-10, G-23, SAM-5bis, KAI-1, YAK-11, UT-2L, YAK-18, YAK-52, YAK-18P, YAK-18PM, YAK-18PS, YAK-50, YAK-55, “Kvant”, Aviatika-900, SU-26, SU-29, SU-31, YAK-54, YAK-13, YAK-10, YAK-12, YAK-18T, IL-103, “Gzhel”, YAK-30/32, L-29, L-39, MiG-AT, YAK-130.


This is a documentary of “Wings of Russia” studio about history of development of Russian Aviation. It contains a lot of unique video footage. The documentary speaks about creation and development of fighters, bombers, helicopters, reconnaissance planes, hydro-planes, planes of civilian Aviation and also about sport and training Aviation, in the USSR and Russia.

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